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Mel Bochner, “Oh Well” (2010).
This pretty much sums up my day. Also, can’t stop thinking about the Bochner show I saw at the National Gallery last fall.
"People who don’t own guns really need to think about this: it’s just darn fun to fire a gun. It’s interesting. It requires a lot of attention. It’s competitive. And it’s just as people say, it’s a real feeling of power to handle a firearm. That appeal is, in my view, undeniable and part of the reason that guns symbolize individualism, self-sufficiency to such a large portion of the population. I felt it myself."

Paul Barrett, on taking shooting lessons. (via nprfreshair)

I think this stems from that barbarian inside of humanity—the screaming, sprinting race to a kill that represents nourishment, protection, and provision for a family. Fortunately (and maybe unfortunately), it’s not so necessary anymore, for Americans at least. So this is what scares me: what are we willing to kill to feel that "individualist self-sufficiency"?

(via npr)


Jason Segel: “The Muppets don’t get laughs at other people’s expense. It’s part of what I really loved about the Muppets. They don’t even  want to destroy their villains. They want to reform their villains.” [complete interview here]

…did I end up in a house full of prepubescent boys?

These situations find me, I swear.